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Lesley Thomas

Lesley Thomas is a well known identity throughout the Sunbury Basketball community.  You will see her and her Husband Gary Boardman stadium each week. Both Lesley and Gary have worked tirelessly in our Community for a number of years to ensure that Children have the opportunity to play basketball, and are given the tools to become good basketballers, and more importantly good kids.

Lesley was one of Superoos inaugural Life Members and we’d like to recognize the amazing role she has had at Superoos and the Sunbury Basketball.


Lesley commenced playing in 1977 in the first Sunbury women’s competition.  The competition was held behind Clarke oval and Lesley was a member of the Sunbury Realty team, named after a local real estate agency. She was part of the inaugural Premiership team.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that the Sunbury Basketball Association decided to develop a Club based system.

Superoos, along with Dodgers, Lions, etc were born.

Lesley initially took on the role of Secretary at Superoos, with Bert Bekker at the helm as President.  It was the beginning of a long association with Superoos.

Lesley and number of other Committee members were the driving force behind the logo we know as Superoos today.  It was originally the Ford logo.  They used some artistic license and changed the tyre to a basketball, and the Superoos logo as we know it was born. The royal blue and white a nod to Lesley’s favourite football team, North Melbourne.

The following years saw Lesley take on a number of roles at the Club, always with the best interests of the Children.  She coached countless teams of all ages, both boys and girls.  Sometimes taking on the role 3-4 times a week.  Often picking up and dropping of car loads of children to and from games and training.  These were Children whose parents weren’t able to get them to games and training for various reasons.  Lesley never wanted children to miss out or be left out   

Lesley received a Superoos Life Membership in 1996.  She and Bert Bekker were the first Life members at the Club.

She finished her playing career at the Club at the age of 50.

 Sunbury Basketball Association

Lesley was also heavily involved with the Sunbury Basketball Association when it formed.  Lesley and Gary both attended an SBA committee meeting in 1977, resulting in Lesley becoming Secretary for approximately 9 years.

Lesley has held numerous roles in the SBA.  Vice President, Secretary and general committee member.  She is currently in the position of Vice President.  She received her Life Membership from the SBA in 1986.

As a player, she represented Sunbury at numerous tournaments before they were officially known as the Sunbury Jets.

Lesley was also a qualified A grade referee.  She was the Referee Supervisor for a number of years and was the inaugural Life Member of the Sunbury Referees branch.

On top of all this, Lesley found time to run the canteen at the stadium for 4-5 years.

Following the Sunbury tornado in 2000, which destroyed Boardman stadium, Lesley worked tirelessly to ensure that the courts were rebuilt and to ensure the local children had courts to play on in the interim.  Lesley lobbied local council for more courts and better facilities, organizing a committee to assist.  They marched to the local council offices petitioning for new courts.

Lesley and the Committee set about organizing courts at Riddells Creek, Clarke oval and Broadmeadows to ensure that the games continued to keep kids involved and off the streets.

Lesley now works tirelessly organizing accommodation for the Big V imports, being their Mum away from home.  She has created lifelong friendships with these players.

You will see her during the season working behind the bar at each Jets Big V home game.


Most recently Lesley was invited to Government House where she was recognized for her contribution to Community Sport and Recreation. 

Lesley has also received:

  • Silver Service award from Basketball Victoria. Recognition for 25 years service to basketball
  • Hume Council’s Resident of the Month
  • Hume Council Faces of Sunbury
  • Kelvin Bowers Sunbury Jets Best Club Person
  • Victorian Basketball Referees Association Life Membership
  • Sunbury Basketball Association Life Membership
  • Superoos Basketball Club Life Membership
  • Basketball Victoria Volunteer of the year 2023

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