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Bullying – Policy Statement

Every person in sport, in every role, has the right to participate in an environment that is fun, safe and healthy, and to be treated with respect, dignity and fairness.

Bullying can be done by anyone whether it is a player, parent or coach. Bullying can be a one off or repeated behaviour that is offensive, abusive, belittling, intimidating or threatening – whether this is face to face, indirectly, or via communication technologies such as mobile phones and computers. Basketball is a team game and every player has the right to be treated with respect, regardless of ability.

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying, which is carried out through an internet service such as email, a chat room, discussion group, instant messaging or web pages. It can also include bullying through mobile phone technologies such as SMS.

Examples of cyber bullying behaviour are:

  • Teasing and being made fun of 
  • Spreading rumours online
  • Sending unwanted messages, and Defamation

Basketball clubs are concerned at the increasing number of complaints being made about the inappropriate use of text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites by people involved in basketball. These sites have been used to bully other basketballers, to criticize referees and to make racist or sexist remarks about other participants.

This behaviour is totally unacceptable in our sport and will not be tolerated.

Basketball Vic's Codes of Conduct and Member Protection Policy address bullying behaviours as well as a range of inappropriate behaviours including discrimination, harassment and abuse and provide a complaints process for dealing with incidents.

The Member Protection By-laws refer specifically to bullying and inappropriate use of technology for that purpose.

Under Basketball Tribunal By-laws and Member Protection By-laws, behaviour which is unacceptable can be brought to the Tribunal, even if it didn’t occur on the basketball court. As long as the incident is basketball related, the Tribunal is able to deal with it.

Basketball Vic will have no hesitation in reporting to the Tribunal, and penalising, inappropriate, basketball related, behaviour which misuses mobile phones, internet networking sites or other technology.

Superoos Basketball Club will not allow or tolerate any form of bullying or cyber bullying in general.

Uniform Policy

Superoos has a club uniform, consisting of a blue and white singlet and blue and white logoed shorts. It is compulsory for all players to purchase and wear this uniform.  All singlets are reversible and the negate the need for clash tops when playing other Superoos teams.  Player numbers will be allocated by the Club to ensure that there are no number clashes within age groups.

U12 to Seniors Uniforms – All players are required to purchase their own Superoos uniform.   Loan uniforms will be supplied to our U10 Flight Path players.  These are required to be returned if the player ceases playing or moves to U12's, where they are required to purchase their own uniform.

Players have the option to personalise their singlet, however it must be noted that all names on uniforms will need to be approved by the committee.

All new players will need to be measured and order a uniform.  This can generally be done at training on Monday or Friday afternoons.  Once sufficient orders have been received, this uniform order will then be placed with our suppliers.  This generally takes 4 weeks from ordering to supply.  No uniforms will be ordered until Superoos receive payment.

Superoos has a “Clash of Numbers” Policy which will be implemented as necessary

Clash of Numbers Policy

The Superoos Basketball Club would like to be proactive about informing players and families of its policy with respect to the potential future clash of numbers, as time progresses and new teams are formed.

Every endeavour has been made to develop a procedure which minimises number clashes, however this is inevitable due to the following factors:

  • The large number of players within our club 
  • There are a limited amount of numbers available i.e. numbers that can be used are restricted to those that can be signalled on an umpires hand 

The Superoos Basketball Club understands that families do not wish to be placed in a position where they will be required to purchase a second singlet and as such Co-ordinators are committed to monitoring and wherever possible avoiding clashes when creating new teams.

If a player chooses to play out of their age group and encounters a number clash, it is the player that is playing in their true age group that has priority of retaining their number.  The player playing out of their age group will be given the option of a loan singlet, or purchasing another singlet as discussed below.

In the event that a number clash occurs in the same age group, the most senior player will be given priority to wear their personalised singlet with the other player having to choose from the following options;


  • Player purchases a new personalised singlet from the numbers available at their own cost


  • The Club supplies a non-personalised singlet for the player to utilise for one season (which remains the property of the Club).

In this instance the club expects that that the singlet will be returned in a good/clean condition at the end of the season. If it is not returned in a satisfactory condition as deemed by Superoos, the player will be responsible for covering the replacements cost.


N.B. Seniority will be determined based on the following criteria

  • The longest serving player with the Superoos Basketball Club
  • If both players have served equal time then the oldest player based on date of birth will be considered more senior.
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